• The “Latest Updates” list now has dark mode enabled so it’s consistent with the rest of the app
  • Hand cursor to show instead of arrow over clickable sections of app IE: project list
  • Fixed a bug where the system would show an error if you pasted measures / zones on to a drawing within a different discipline from where you copied them
  • Fixed a bug where completely white elements were not being classified as background by default
  • Increased speed of duplicating takeoffs and copying items from the copy items window - especially for larger takeoffs
  • Change to behaviour when switching in / out of select mode while drawing a new shape. The new shape will now ‘freeze’ in place when not in select mode
  • When rotating drawings, notes, arrows and clouds are now correctly rotated as well
  • Fixed a bug where some text characters within Notes on output drawings were being displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed rare case of unjoining symbols causing the drawing to go black
  • Full precision of underlying numbers is now shown when editing values in estimate. This fixes a bug where someone can add a precise number, then when they re-edit the value again they would see a rounded number. This has also been updated on the Excel outputs
  • When editing a monetary value, the currency symbol no longer shows
It is now possible to add notes to your takeoff drawings.
This can be found under the
tab. You can also add arrows and clouds.
Adding notes
2023-03-20 10
or use keyboard shortcut
to create notes.
Once a note is created, you can then add arrows and clouds by clicking the
Add arrow / cloud
button or by using keyboard shortcut
You can add multiple arrows and clouds to each note.
2023-03-20 10
Editing notes
2023-03-20 10
All parts of a note can be edited by clicking the
button or right clicking while in
Output files
Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 14
Any notes added within the app will show on the output drawings as default.
They will also appear on a
sheet in the excel spreadsheet:
2023-03-20 12
While working on notes, the following controls are available:
Note Boxes:
  • Right click
    = Select / deselect
  • D
    = Add new note cloud / arrow
  • Left click & drag box
    = Move note box
  • Left click & drag side nodes
    = Resize box
  • Double click
    = Edit note text
  • Shift + Enter
    = New text line
Arrow / Cloud:
  • Left click
    = Add new point
  • Left click (on first point)
    = Confirm shape
(NOTE: Confirming a shape with 1 or 2 points will result in an arrow with no cloud)
  • Right click
    = Select / deselect cloud / arrow
  • Double click
    = Add / remove point to arrow / cloud
(NOTE: Deleting an arrow's end point will delete the arrow. Deleting a cloud's points down to 2 will remove the cloud)
  • Delete
    = Remove note / cloud / arrow
  • Arrow keys
    = Move cloud by 1 pixel
  • Shift + arrow keys
    = Move cloud by 10 pixels
  • Escape
    = cancel edit mode
  • Enter
    = Edit note text & confirm changes
We have added the ability to exclude tax from labour costs in Estimate.
This can be toggled on when first creating your estimate, or via "Edit estimate details".
2023-02-02 14
This is particularly useful for regions where tax is not applied to labour, but still applied to materials.
It is now possible to drag columns to reorder, and freeze them to the left hand side.
Drag and drop columns
2023-01-23 11
You can now drag and drop columns into the order required.
Adding and removing columns can still be done by the column chooser.
To reorder columns, left click on a heading and drag to move. A white line will show where the column will be dropped.
Freezing columns
We have added the ability to “Freeze” columns. This can be done by left clicking on the column heading and clicking “Freeze”.
2023-01-23 11
Doing this freezes the column to the left hand side.
You can freeze columns by clicking the column heading and clicking “Freeze”, or dragging the column until there is an indication on top of the drag line to show which section it will be in.
To unfreeze columns, simply drag out of the frozen section, or click the header and click "Unfreeze".
2023-01-23 11
Grouping frozen columns
Grouping frozen columns will send them to the left hand side.
If you have frozen columns, and grouped columns, you have 2 sections that you can drag and drop columns into.
2023-01-23 11
  • Fixed a bug where drawings could fail to import due to WingDings characters
  • Column totals within the kit editor will now show “-” if you input invalid values
  • Fixed cases where product search within the kit editor could show additional results, when you have a price list with duplicate items
  • Fixed a bug where labour and material from the final row in the kit editor was occasionally not being added into the total at the top
We have updated the Dashboard so that projects keep the ordering you set.
This means that you can sort once, and that ordering will remain until manually changed.
You can go into your projects and return back to the Dashboard with your sorting intact.
2022-12-01 10
This is particularly helpful when you always sort your projects in a specific way and want them to stay in that order.
  • Added additional debugging to catch any corrupted PDF data
  • Fixed a bug where the 90° symbol selector was occasionally triggered without its control (shift) needing to be pressed
  • Improved wording when warning about disciplines that contain drawings with identical names
  • Style improvement to standardise capitalization on all columns
You can now copy (ctrl + c) measures and zones from one drawing and paste (ctrl + v) onto another drawing within the same discipline.
2022-11-24 15
The ability to paste is disallowed if it would create duplicate items.
If you wish to copy only certain measures or zones, you can toggle off the unwanted items before copying.
2022-11-24 15
This is particularly useful when you have multiple containment drawings with the same layout.
  • Fixed a number of issues with scrollbar styling in the app. They’re now more consistent, less in the way and more grabbable
  • Improved error handling to ensure it’s not possible to carry on working if there’s an internal error
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing menus from displaying correctly when at the bottom of the page
  • Fixed a bug where when panning around a drawing, it was sometimes possible to select the text on the drawing
  • Fixed a number of import issue due to corrupt PDF data
  • Fixed a styling issue with grid rows where you couldn’t easily distinguish a group heading row from the currently selected (non-group) row
  • Implemented a shared undo history between the kit and product catalogue pages. This is due to the possibility of making changes on the kit, which also needs to include updates to a product
  • Fixed a bug with a recent release that broke the ability to duplicate estimates
  • Fixed bug that did not allow you to create a new kit directly from a price list item if a kit in the estimate is already selected
  • Fixed a bug where undoing the creation of kits within an estimate would leave blank kits and products behind in the catalogue
It is now possible to add customer name to your project.
This can be added when creating a new project, or at any point using "Edit project details".
2022-11-10 10
You can then filter by customer on the Dashboard.
This is particularly helpful when you need to know how many projects you have had from a specific customer.
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